we are a team of changemakers


The LiveTrade team is what sets us apart from the competition. Just like our platform, we are a globally distributed and collaborative team.

At LiveTrade, we give you the opportunity to move forward with new ideas that make the company better. In most companies, new ideas have to be approved by a manager, or a chain of managers. As a company who believes in decentralization and uses Holacrary , we encourage every employee to identify areas of opportunity within the organization, and use the Holacracy process to propose solutions. The Holacracy process is designed to prevent ideas from being “shut down”, and gives everyone an equal opportunity to speak in meetings.

Most importantly, we encourage you to be yourself and have fun. We don’t promote work/life balance in the traditional sense, rather we believe in “work/life integration.” We like having a good time at work, not just outside of it. There’s no need to hide your random quirks or awkward dance moves from us. In a way, you might be taking a “break from life” by working here!

Own Your Career

Around here, opportunity is what you make of it. Ambition and success are recognized. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are a go-getter, the opportunities are endless.​



Our business is often changing, and usually pretty fast. Over the last few months, we've seen great growth, but we've also felt a rise in bureaucracy within our organization. In order to evolve, we’ve made changes to the way we operate, how we get things done and how quickly we can do it. We’re a company that isn’t afraid to take risks and question the status quo.


LiveTrade has a unique way of doing things that will empower you in ways you’ve never dreamed possible, but it will challenge the way you’ve always thought about work. We’re driven by purpose and the work that needs to be done. Self-organization gives you the freedom to come up with new ideas that move the business forward, truly allowing you to drive the passion, grit and innovation needed to deliver happiness to customers, employees, community, vendors and shareholders in a long-term, sustainable way.

There are no shortcuts

We believe in taking responsibility and owning the results. That’s why we’re constantly raising the bar and are never satisfied with “good enough.” We know that together we can achieve our Dream of a Better World.


You are self-motivated, and you thrive off working with others who come from the same get-stuff-done mentality. You think like an entrepreneur, constantly innovating and driving positive change, but more importantly you consistently prove it through your actions. You love challenges – the bigger the better. The words “cog in the machine” make you cringe. You like being treated like an adult, but can have fun like a kid. The idea of really being able to improve yourself, those around you and the company you work for excites you so much that you just did a little jig in your chair. C’mon! You can admit it, because we just did as well.

Create value

Build something meaningful. Be part of something great. When you see a problem or an opportunity, you are empowered to come up with a solution to fix it. We want you to be able to clear the organizational barriers that stand between you and finding the solutions needed for meaningful change across the company. Check out our core values and see if they speak to you.

We’re pretty pumped

And we hope you are too. This is self-organization, powered by our "LiveTraders".

Why not take the plunge and get in touch?

Our job vacancies can be found at the end of this page but do feel hesitate to get in touch even if there does not seem to be anything suitable available.

You can contact our HR Department via:

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+1 (302) 481-6967

Alternatively, you can submit a speculative application here.